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LenKen's tragedy

God Be Damned! (February 11th, 2005, 8:00am)
What a freak fucking accident.  I had just sat (set?) my coffee cup down and was drawing my hand back when I noticed my thumb had somehow gotten stuck in the handle of the cup.  I only spilled a tablespoon or so of coffee onto—and into—the keyboard, but that was enough to gum up the works.

Now, my B and N keys, my arrow keys, my / and ? keys, and even my space bar are no longer functional.  Fortunately, I was able to download No-Keys, a virtual keyboard, so I can just type everything out as usual and then go back and insert all the Ns and Bs when I’m done.  And as long as I copy & paste one space, I can simply hit control-V in lieu of the space bar, which doesn’t take much longer.

I tried taking the keyboard apart and meticulously cleaning it—five times—but to no avail.  And, of course, this had to happen on a weekend—so nothing can be done about it till Monday.  Do you have any idea how many Ns you use when you write?

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Current Music: The Jilted Choirboys: God Be Fucking Damned!

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